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Online Resources

Human Systems Institute hosts a database.

This American site has a database of very good technical articles written by a variety of experienced international practitioners and acts as an information forum for those facilitating constellations or using principles from Bert Hellinger’s work in their professional or personal lives.

Within this database are two articles of particular interest

"Tramua Work and Family Constellations: Irreconcilable or Complementary?" by Bertold Ulsamer

"Organisational Constellations: Basics and Special Situations" by Gunthard Weber

The database is constantly changing the links to these articles may become broken please let us know if this has happened

Other UK Practitioners Sites Judith Hemming    Barbara Morgan  Sebastian Green and Colette Green

International Sites in English Bertold Ulsamer (Germany) Jane Peterson (USA) Francesca Boring (USA) Brigitte Sztab (USA) Susan Ulfelder (USA) Dr Albrecht Mahr (Germany)

Psychotherapy Organisations

United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners

The web is constantly changing and the links may become broken please let us know if this has happened