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What is Family Constellations Therapy?

What are Organisational Constellations?

What is an entanglement?

When to do a Family Constellation

Basic Principles that will be experienced and practised throughout the workshop

Will I have an opportunity to work?

Where are the workshops?

Where can I get more information about the constellation approach

What is Family Constellations Therapy?

"Family Constellations Therapy, pioneered by psychotherapist and philosopher Bert Hellinger and his colleagues, has become increasingly recognised as an astounding, powerful and far-reaching approach to finding lasting resolutions in cases which before had seemed beyond reach. It brings to light our deep interconnectedness with family and community and leads to a deep experiential understanding of primordial love at the heart of all kinds of mental, psychosomatic and bodily suffering. Once that love is freed from unconscious entanglements dating back one, two or even three generations, it becomes a force for profound healing."(Dr Albrecht Mahr)

What are Organisational Constellations ?

The Organisational Constellation method can be used to solve relationship problems within organizations. It is derived from the work with Family Constellations. More information on Organisational Constellations can be found here

What is an entanglement?

An entanglement is where one family member follows the fate of an earlier family member.

When to do a Family Constellation: one or more of the following

- an important life event has occurred (such as early deaths or separations of parents or siblings, exclusion or expulsion of a family member, early hospitalisation, major accidents or illnesses or disablements, complications during childbirth, adoptions, abortions )

- persistent body symptoms (such as obesity, anorexia, asthma, panic attacks, ulcer colitis, cancer). This work is complementary to medical care and not a substitute for it: thorough medical assessment and treatment is of course necessary first.

- persistent emotional symptoms (such as rage, depression, not belonging, isolation )

- persistent behavioural symptoms (such as addictions, accident proneness, eating disorders )

- there are patterns that seem resistant to change,

- one feels stuckness or weighed down in life, not able to be oneself

- there is a persistent sticking point in individual therapy

- there is an issue that frightens or plagues us

- when couples first get together or pregnant women before the child is born (preventative constellations).

Basic Principles that will be experienced and practised throughout the workshop include:

- The healing potential of what is, rather than what we would like it to be

- The group as a containing and healing circle

- The power of embodied presence

- Blind love and loyalty v enlightened love and loyalty

- Solution orientation rather that problem orientation

- Lightness, joyfulness and relaxation at the heart of reality

- Honouring and integrating body psychotherapy and other psychotherapeutic approaches

- Reconciliation of dead members of the family system

- Healing through our ancestors

- Practising solutions in everyday life

Will I have an opportunity to work?

The workshop provides a space for all participants to work. 

There will up to 12 constellating participants who will all have an opportunity for their own issue to be constellated at the weekend.
All participants will have opportunities to serve as representatives in the constellations of others.

Being a representative or even part of the witnessing circle often touches us in a deep and healing way.

No previous experience of this way of working is needed.  

Family Constellations Therapy Workshops

The workshops take place in Edinburgh, and  London throughout the year

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For further information on these workshops please contact

Alun Reynolds, 12 Orchard Avenue, Cambridge CB4 2AH

Mobile +44 7766 587784


Further Information on the Constellations Approach

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